“What do you like to paint?” For so long I didn’t know how to answer this seemingly simple question. I would say things like, “Well, everything!” or “If it’s there, I’ll paint it!” It’s true that you can find happiness in the act of painting, but being an artist requires something more. You have to find what interests you, what you want to say through your art, and what you believe in. It’s almost impossible to work on an image for hundreds of hours and not let it affect you in some way. You ask yourself, “Why am I painting this?”, “What is its purpose?”, and “How can I do better?”

When I thought about the direction I wanted to head in with my art, the possibilities were almost endless. I could join animal conservation, nature preservation, advertising, entertainment, you name it! I had to think about what was most important to me. My faith is the fulcrum of my life. Everything I do is determined by my beliefs. I thought about illustrating children’s Bibles or doing church murals or something along those lines. I felt a pull towards a more subtle approach to including my faith in my paintings.

I recently discovered that I am most satisfied when painting people. We are fascinating in so many ways, and incredibly diverse. Each person has their own complicated story and I want my paintings to reflect even just a small part of that story. We are not like animals, we have a spirit. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have each been created in the image of God. We are His handiwork, having been formed with purpose. We are heirs of His kingdom, brought into this world to praise the LORD and to love Him and one another. We are not accidents, but have been designed according to His word. We are loved by God. We are CREATED.