New Life

22″ x 28″


 When I was teaching art at Sahel Academy in Niger I wanted to do some step by step drawing with my kindergarteners and Grade 1. I had some photos of animals they could choose from and this foal was one of the choices. I remember having a moment of panic when they picked it because I realized it is a rather difficult pose for them! However, when we had finished I was really impressed with how they did. They were a bit chaotic but they had that line of the mane that goes right up the neck and between the shoulder blades, the hooves in relatively the right place, the muzzle and the eyes. They captured the foal! I loved looking at their work and seeing the different character each of them had. One girl did a bunch of intricate curling twists in the mane that ended up looking so fun and adorable. I wanted to try my hand at this foal as well.