Collection of a Voyager

22″ x 28″


When I set up this still life I had the idea of drawing my travels. I basically took everything I had collected over the years and dumped it all in a pile. Then I spent a couple of hours eliminating and arranging and rearranging the items. I liked this composition because of the interesting shapes and light and dark patterns that it made. I also love drawing detail and this afforded me plenty of opportunity for that! My favourite part of the process was drawing the passport and making up the impression of writing, the stamp, and the signature. The little picture of my friend and I was very difficult as I had to distort our faces to make it look like the picture was lying flat and we are looking down at it.

On the bandana that is draped on the sketchbooks, there is a quote by J.R.R. Tolkein, “Not all those who wander are lost.” I love this quote because sometimes my travels just seem like random wandering around but when I look back at them I see the value and purpose that they give. Every item has a story and every story has value and holds a special place in my heart.