“An artist can create an entire world out of an idea.”


Anna Pederson has dedicated her life to learning how to create stories out of paint. She is a Canadian artist who gathers inspiration from travel and adventures.

It’s been an incredible journey to dig into this passion and discover the potential of drawing and painting. I believe that an artist should give themselves the freedom to explore ideas and continue to grow in their ability for their entire life. 

Since I was a child I felt a strong desire to create. Some of my first memories are of drawing animals, trees, and people. For years I took private lessons and worked on my art for 5-8 hours a day to improve my skills and talents. I’ve sold paintings in art shows as well as created commissions for people who I’ve met over the years.

I discovered my love of travel when I went to Israel with my church at the age of 18. This opened up a new door into art that I hadn’t seen before. The ancient remnants of a rich history were a huge inspiration to me. Since then I have been to many fascinating places such as Costa Rica, Egypt, and France and each one has left an impression on me and my art.

From 2020-2023 I taught at a small school in Niger, West Africa. I was able to experience a different culture in a more intimate way than just being a tourist. One thing that I loved seeing in my students was how individual they all are. For some projects they would receive the same direction but would come up with completely unique results. What a joy it is to see people’s personality come through in their work!

I am currently a student of the Hein Atelier of Traditional Art. I am thankful for my amazing teacher, Jeff Hein, for his instruction and advice as I work to advance my skill. I am very excited to see where this journey takes me!

Keep learning, enjoy the world around you, inspire others… and create!

Anna Pederson