Anna Pederson (b.1993, Canada)

Currently residing in Calgary, AB


graceartistry@gmail.com     www.GraceArtistry.com

Anna Pederson is a young and passionate individual. She has spent her life devoted to art, and has been fascinated with the potential of acrylic and watercolour paint. She travels the world to create artwork that is a reflection of the various people, cultures, nature, and architecture she encounters. She completes paintings with a realistic, colourful, and inviting style.


Making art was never an option with me. The question was always “What should I paint next?” never, “Should I paint something?” It has been deeply engrained in me since before I can remember. Of course, I had to discipline myself by taking hundreds of hours of lessons and thousands of hours of practice in order to improve my skill, but I have always had an overwhelming desire to put brush to paper (or canvas or wood).

I remember not wanting to go to art lessons when I was a kid, because I thought, for some strange reason, that it would make me want to do art less. I would always draw what I wanted, and didn’t like the idea of someone telling me what to do with my art. Until that point, I was the best artist I knew. But my Mom, knowing what’s best for me, made me anyway. Reluctantly, I listened to my teacher, did what she told me, and excelled at everything.  When I was around twelve years old, I started making watercolour paintings at home, not just at art class. I discovered that lessons are valuable, but if you want your art to be important to you, you must also explore on your own. I painted hundreds of paintings, learning something new from each one. I would look up things I liked, mainly things to do with fantasy and animals, and copy them down on paper.

When I was a teenager, I started taking lessons with David Kitler. He taught me innumerable things about art, such as, how to take my own references, use primary colours, what brushes to use for certain effects, using washes of colour, etc. I started painting eight hours a day when I was eighteen. I discovered things on my own, and learned that I didn’t like painting with oils, but only watercolours and acrylics.

I am now in a place where I enjoy painting people, and scenes of places that I have been. I love to travel and keep a sketchbook. I paint with vibrant layers of colour to bring my paintings life. The reason why I paint people now is because they are valuable in God’s eyes, and should be in ours as well. I love to paint, and I hope that I can show people God’s love through my paintings.



2007 - 2008 Spruce Meadows Agrium Country Fair

2012 Calgary Stampede Scholarship

2013 Calgary Art Walk Show and Sale

2011 – 2015 Calgary Stampede Western Showcases

2015 Anna Pederson and Jesse Klassen Abbotsford Private Exhibition and Sale

2016 The Commons Calgary, Anna Pederson, Ten Thousand Villages, and Local Artists Exhibition and Sale

2014 – 2016                  Anna Pederson Private Calgary Exhibitions and Sales

2014 – 2016                  Sweet Talk Stables Show and Auction

2016 – Present              Betzalel Arts Juried and non Juried Exhibitions:

2016 Beth Tzedec Synagogue – Return Exhibition

2016 Beth Tzedec Synagogue - Film Festival Exhibition

2017 Jewish Community Centre – Wholeness Exhibition - Reception Host

2017 Jewish Community Centre - Open Hearts Exhibition

2017 Jewish Community Centre – Exhibition and Sale

2017 Beth Tzedec Synagogue - Film Festival Exhibition

2018 Jewish Community Centre – Wonder Purim Exhibition

2018                             Peoples Portrait Prize Exhibition

2017 – Present              Calgary Sketch Club Juried and non Juried Show and Sales



Private collections in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Israel, and New Zealand

Mountain Springs Calvary Chapel, Calgary AB

Office Space in Downtown Calgary AB



2012 - 2015 Art Instructor, Calgary AB

2014 - 2015 Art Instructor, Jewish Cultural Centre, Calgary AB

2016 – 2017 Art Clubs, Millennium Kidz N Kare



2012 Calgary Stampede Scholarship – Honourable Mention

2011 – 2016 Calgary Stampede Western Showcases – First, Second, and Third places