“An artist has the ability to create an entire world out of an idea.”


Anna Pederson has dedicated her life to learning how to create stories out of paint. She is a self taught Canadian artist who gathers inspiration from travel and adventures.

It’s been an incredible journey to dig into this passion and discover the potential of paint. I believe that an artist should give themselves the freedom to explore new ideas and continue to grow in their ability for their entire life.

As I started in my career as an artist, I was concerned about creating content that would please others. Not only did I want to make money, but I was very conscious of what people thought of me. I was putting myself in a box, not allowing creative thoughts to take hold. However, when I reached age 25 I started to look outside my own personal journey, and took advice from other artists. It is mind blowing to look at what others have created!

My greatest contemporary art heroes are David Kitler, MuralJoe, Aaron Blaise, and Andrew Tischler. These guys are all incredibly kind hearted and their art is of the highest quality.

I decided to make a change in my approach to art, and proceeded to create  Vessel of Ideas.

My encouragement to any artist is this: paint what you love! You will do well if you enjoy what you are doing.

I have come to the point in my art journey where I would like to share what I’ve learned with others. My next “chapter” includes teaching¬† art in Niger Africa, and running a YouTube channel.

Keep learning, enjoy the world around you, inspire others… and create!

Anna Pederson